Orthopedic Tips: How to Avoid Hand Injuries from Woodworking

Woodwork is a very hands-on craft and can pose a variety of hazards to the hands. These dangers are mostly as a result of the kind of tools and machines used.

They could also be due to various factors like absent-mindedness, lack of safety gear and precautions, or some mistake. Accidents are generally undesirable, and you must, therefore, know how to avoid them.

The Different Woodworking Hand Injuries

Hand injuries account for roughly 20 percent of the severe home and workplace damages. This high statistic is a result of the kind of tools used, especially in woodwork. They are mostly power tools like chain saws, drills, nail guns, and the like. There are several of such wounds that could result from accidents during their use, including lacerations, punctures, crushes, fractures, and avulsions.

Importance of Safety

Safety is an essential concept in every human activity. Accidents could occur almost anywhere and more so when handling heavy or dangerous equipment or machinery. Hence, there’s a need to take appropriate measures to avoid orthopedic injuries. They are usually extremely painful and might require a lengthy healing period, depending on the type and gravity of the damage.

Safety Measures

Every woodworker and craftsperson should be conversant with the rules of safety, whether it’s a hobby for you or a vocation. No matter how careful a person thinks they are, accidents can happen, and following these rules reduces the chances of injury. A few tips to prevent such events are discussed subsequently in this article.

·Use Safety Gear

This step is the first one in ensuring the prevention of injuries. They can be known as personal protective equipment (PPE) and are essential in every workshop or woodworking space. Gears like face shields, earplugs, respirators (to prevent harm from sawdust and volatile compounds in the work environment), and boots. For the hands specifically, gloves are used.

Gloves to Use

Appropriate leather, cut resistant gloves should be worn in addition to those to protect other body parts. They must be of optimum size and fit right so that it doesn’t get caught in the machinery. You should know that some tools aren’t usable while wearing gloves‒ find out from their manuals. Hence, other methods of protection are necessary.

·Wear Suitable Clothing

Many people underestimate the need for appropriate clothing in the workspace. Loose-fitting outfits can easily hang on or get attached to benches or equipment on the desk, so avoid them. Work attire should be fit and free from hanging edges. Also, you should remove hand jewelry like bracelets, watches, and rings while working.

·Optimize Your work Areas

Work areas should be well lit and spacious enough to enable free movement without bumping into things or other people. The workbenches and their surroundings must be free from clutter and any objects that are unnecessary or not in use. There must be an organized arrangement of machines as well, and the recreational space should be free from work tools.

·Organize or Attend Safety Programs

The essence of organizing such programs is to inform woodworkers in an establishment or community about safety rules and procedures they ought to follow. Education is an effective way to ensure that all the individuals involved are well informed. This step reduces the risk of accidents because it serves to increase consciousness of hazards, and thence raises cautiousness.

·Handle Tools Appropriately

Woodworkers should be versed in the appropriate way to handle all their tools. They should know the safety features of each and how to use them to reduce the damage tendencies. Most power tools have safety devices that must be enabled. You could also employ some useful techniques like holding nails in place with pliers rather than between your fingers. Endeavor to read the instructions for each tool before use.

·Do Hand Exercises

Some exercises strengthen the hand muscles and stretch the tendons to increase the flexibility of the wrists and fingers. It helps the craftsman to have a better grip on the tools and prevents stress on joints like the wrist. These exercises would cause you to handle tools and equipment firmly and delay tiredness in the hand muscles that could result in slippage.

Easy Hand Exercises

Expertly trained orthopedic professionals recommend certain easy exercise routines for the hand. A few of them include the fistball, finger stretch, claw stretch, grip strengthener, pinch strengthener, finger lift, thumb extension, thumb flex, thumb stretches, and playing with clay. They help increase the hand range of motion, and the beauty is that you can do them anywhere and anytime.

·Avoid Intoxicating Substances

Anyone working with a power tool must avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. They alter the consciousness and alertness of the body. Such elements make the individual prone to making mistakes. Adhere to the tips provided, and your hands will be safe.

Reasons Why Orthopedic Hospitals Should Have Generators

 If there is a sensitive department in a health institution that cannot afford to stay without power then it is the orthopedic department. When it comes to bone treatment as long as the session is on them there should not be a stop to it whatever the cost. Most of the machines that run the sensitive procedures are electric appliances. This is the reason the administrators must have a backup power source just in case there is a power shortage. You need a generator in case of power shortage or blackout.

This is an outdoor AC unit at the hospital that serves all areas that require power. The power consumption determines the size of the generator to go for. It is important to get a high-powered generator to cater just in case the hospital expands and you may need more current to run your machines. This is an automated appliance that uses the normal electrical wiring system of the hospital such that when there is a blackout, it automatically switches on to an extent that you may not even be aware there is power shortage unless you get close to the generator room and hear its sound.

What are some of the features of a generator that come in handy in such an environment?

Power output capacity

When you go to purchase a generator you must get to understand your power consumption vis-a-vis the output capacity to get one that will serve the purpose. Choose the one that will charge faster than others do.

Fuel: There are numerous fuel options used in a generator, you have to make sure that you get a generator that uses fuel that is easily available and also affordable to the orthopedic hospital Some of the options include LPG, diesel, natural gas, and petrol.


A portable generator is the best for easy movement from one location within the hospital to the other. Look for one that has wheels that you can move for maintenance using the hospital ramps.


Naturally, the generator is noisy and this may be a nuisance to the orthopedic patients. This is the reason why there is noise reduction technology incorporated in the generators to curb this menace. This prevents noise pollution.

What is the importance of a generator to the orthopedic hospital?

  • Enhances service delivery at all times since there is no hindrance to why the machines cannot run.
  • It can power other electric appliances within the hospitals including the critical areas as well as lighting.
  • Take charge when there is power shortage, brown-out or blackout
  • Gives the hospitals administrators the peace and comfort knowing very well that everything is running as expected.
  • Contains the power surges which protect appliances against power fluctuations which mostly damages the appliances.
  • It is safe to use especially when there are serious natural calamities.

There is no reason why an orthopedic hospital cannot have a generator. It is not an investment in futility due to its importance and the benefits that the features have to offer the hospitals service deliver.

Must Eat Smoked Fish Recipes For Orthopedically Injured People

Orthopedic injuries are those injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system. An orthopedic injury could be an injury to the joints, muscles, ligaments, soft tissues, and bones. If you have ever had to maintain an orthopedic care regimen, then you must be aware of the importance of a proper diet. So, what are the implications of healthy smoked fish recipes for orthopedically injured people? Well, some people believe that smoking fish reduces their nutritional value, but in essence, this is not true.

How smoked fish can help in healing orthopedic injuries?
Specific foods can have a significant effect on these injuries. Proper nutrition is an essential component of overall treatment. Fish is a healthy type of meat that can’t hurt your diet. No wonder it is a standard option suggested by caregivers and doctors.

Almost half of your bone’s fracture is made of protein. Smoked fish is exceptionally high in protein. Your body needs it t make a new bone for repair Foods rich in protein enhance your body’s muscle building capacity. Smoked fish will also help our body to take in and maximize the use of calcium and other minerals for healthy bones.

Fish that is smoked tend to have a higher concentration of oil than other types of fish. These fish tend to have high levels of omega three fatty acids. These acids are the most beneficial elements of fish in general as they help in the immune system. Importantly, the acids regulate your body’s inflammatory response.

Thus, smoking help in maximizing the benefits you derive from fish. Smoked fish recipes are better than smoking prime rib in masterbuilt electric smoker.

How easy is it to prepare smoked fish recipes?
From smoked salmon and celery root bisque to open-face smoked mackerel sandwiches, it is straightforward to make these recipes. With the help of smokers, preparing these recipes is just a popular method of adding flavor to these dishes.

There are a variety of smokers to choose from, and all can prepare excellent smoked fish. When using the charcoal smoker, you will be required to add charcoal and water without opening the cooking chamber. This will allow you to maintain a constant temperature for your fish in the smoking chamber.

If you are using an electric smoker, you will be required to control the temperature and time precisely. You will also need to control the smoke levels for succulent results every other time.

Smoke fish at 200 degrees for about 2 hours. Use your favorite wood chips such as apple, cherry, alder, and hickory for flavoring. Add more chips if necessary during the smoking process. With some smokers, you may add flavor by using prepared smoker ingredients such as the Bradley smoker flavor briquettes.

Why it is worth to invest in a smoker?
The benefits you derive from smoked meat, fish, in particular, should be enough reason for you to purchase a smoker Besides, there are several types of smokes, and most of them offer the convince of affordability and quality. Buy a smoker so you can always have any smoked dish at home whenever you want.

The methods of smoking fish vary, but all of them are based on the universal principles of preparing the fish, pat drying, and smoking. Adding smoked fish to your orthopedic care regime is what you need to decrease your healing times.

Tips to Avoid Orthopedic Injuries in Playing Table Tennis

There are people who may not regard table tennis as a serious sport, but the serious fans would tell you how much this game means to them and the possible dangers that one may encounter while playing this game. Orthopedic injury has always been the most common dangers that this players often encounter.

Tips to Avoid Orthopedic Injuries in Playing Table Tennis:
1. Do some warm-up exercise before the game
You need to take approximately 5 to 15 minutes engaging in active warm-up exercise activities. This will ensure you increase the rate at which your heart beats to supply adequate oxygen to your entire body. With the smooth flow of blood in your body, the muscles will remain warmer and strong in readiness for the game ahead. It can also help become more flexible especially when you need to reach the ball at the upper end of the table. You can conclude this exercise by stretching and warming up.

2. Keep the table tennis equipment safe
You may be having so many balls but if you choose to scatter them around the area, then there are chances that you will step on them and fall down. In the process, you will acquire orthopedic injuries. You must also set the breaks of the roller tables. Bracing struts must also be put in order so you will not have to lean on them and fall.

3. Observe your diet
You need to be strong all the time, despite doing the exercises, you will need a good diet that can ensure you have strong muscles and bones. Foods rich in calcium will be of good help to your life. They will make you strong and allow you to play table tennis injury-free. Yogurt, milk, spinach, salmon, tuna, and oranges will actually help you to develop stronger bones and muscles.

4. Watch your position
There is often a time when you may play double. There are high chances that if you are not keen enough, then you will knock your partner’s face without you even noticing. There are also drilling time where multiple balls can be used if you will be the one picking the fallen once then you must also be very careful to avoid leaving the game with a swollen face.

5. Do it over and over again
The more you are used to something, the more you will learn the tricks on how to go about it. This to apply to table tennis, just by being able to play on some frequency let say on a daily basis, you will find it simple to enjoy the game and stay away from the orthopedic injuries this is because your muscles shall have been used to the movements around the playing court.

6. Avoid bringing water into the court
How flexible can you be on one foot struggling to reach the ball? Perhaps let’s say the probability is 02, you may need water for drinking and doing other staffs, but the biggest mistakes plays do is getting into the court with water. The water may spill in down and make you slide as you reach to the ball. Within a twinkle of an eye, you will find yourself on the ground groaning in pain. So avoid the injuries while you still can.

7. If you do not well avoid the game 
You cannot tend to resist the reflex actions in your body. If something seems not to be right, please it’s important that you avoid the game because the pain can overpower you and in the process, you may lose concentration. The outcome of this will be a terrible orthopedic injury.

Best Types Of Faucets For People With Orthopedic Trauma Wounds

Getting an orthopedic trauma wound can be painful and the person has to be very careful about his/her wounds as it could easily get infected if not taken care of Ironically, one washes their wounds to prevent infections, but improper washing or using bad faucets can cause infections. People with such wounds are therefore in a problematic situation in the washrooms. Asking a relative or friend to wash the taps before you use it can be highly beneficial; however, that is not always a possibility. Hence, there are ways by which you can make sure that your wounds don’t get infected while in the bathroom. All you have to do is use specific kinds of faucets which make such risks lesser.

Faucets that can be used to reduce risks are:
1. Touch-less Faucets: This type of faucets don’t require you to touch them to turn them on. This is beneficial to those with orthopedic trauma wounds as it reduces the risk of getting infections due to germs exponentially. When you don’t touch the faucet, the bacteria lurking there wouldn’t be able to get onto your wounds; which is highly beneficial. Though these faucets are a little expensive than normal faucets, it is worth every penny.
2. Faucets with scratch and corrosion resistance: Faucets which aren’t scratch resistance can be prone to bacteria residing on it due to the scratches and corrosion which would have occurred over a period of time. However, scratch and corrosion resistant faucets do not have this problem. A person having such wounds is safe as these faucets reduce the risk of catching infections from such scratches which bacteria likely reside in These faucets are also easier to clean in general, so even if your relative has to clean it before you use it, it’ll be easier for them to do so.
3. Faucet with great spray: Faucets with sprayers are the best to use for cleaning your wound. This type of faucet allows you to remove most of the puss and impurities in your wound and it will also not hurt as much as a normal faucet would do. Since the faucet allows for wounds to be cleaned properly there is a lesser chance that you would catch an infection and moreover since it is less painful, it more likely that you will clean your wounds efficiently and properly and hence the chances of the wound infecting would be lesser.

One might think that such faucets would be more expensive and probably would be unnecessary after your wound heals. However, this is not the case as the faucets are worth the extra dollars. Firstly, the lesser the chance of your wound getting infected, the lesser you have to pay at the doctor’s place and even after your wound heals the faucets help you have a hygienic washroom which would be helpful at any time even if you have a small wound or cut in the near future. Hence, investing in these faucets is a must.

Air hockey Player shoulder pain

If you want to become professionals sports player, then you will have to Face a lot of complications in the life. Are you familiar with complicated injuries? Here we are talking about Air hockey players that are facing a lot of complications regarding the shoulder. Air hockey is one of the most popular and complicated sports yet. Have you ever played air hockey? If you want to prevent the injuries, then you should make the use of Hockey braces. It is one of the most important things that will prevent a lot of shoulder pain.

Are you familiar with air hockey player shoulder pain? It has become a defensive game where you will have to put pressure on the body and shoulder as well. There are a lot of common shoulders injuries are out there such as AC joint separation and dislocated shoulder as well. If you are continually facing such complicated injuries, then you should take the assistance of a coach or professional doctor as well. Let’s discuss the important details about Air hockey player shoulder pain.

How to avoid Air hockey shoulder pain?
Want to prevent shoulder pain? If you want to save your career, then you will have to focus on the shoulder pain. No doubt, thousands of air hockey player are facing the complications regarding the shoulder pain. If you want to avoid the air hockey shoulder pain, then you should read the entire article with ease.

• Exact stance and movement
So you want to become a professional air hockey player? Before playing the game, you should grab perfect stance for it. It is one of the most important methods where you will have to pay enough attention. After that, you should watch videos of professional players. However, you must avoid the awkward angles and movements as well.

• Protective equipment
Air hockey is a sensitive game where you will have to use the right stance. You will have to avoid the additional errors. You will have to use perfect equipment such as elbow straps, wrist straps and other essential supports that will reduce the strain and other things as well.

• Practice Time
If you haven’t much experience with the Air hockey, then you must pay attention to the practice. You can put your air hockey table in your basement for practice. However, if you want to develop innovative skills, then you should do practice on a regular basis. You must start with stretching and warming up as well. Make sure that you are paying them enough attention to the

stretching and other important things. After that, you must gradually increase the duration of your practice time.

Before starting the practice, you must check any additional aches and pain that you may have. The shoulder is one of the most important parts where you will have to pay enough attention. If you want to become a professional’s player, then you must avoid such aches and pain as well.

How to recover?
If you want to recover from the shoulder pain, then you should grab perfect medicines and equipment as well. No doubt, air hockey is an incredible game where you will have to need perfect strategy, skills, and power as well.

Shoulder Injury


It starts with a backpack during your school years, to carrying your child, or being a professional athlete. Whatever it might be, your shoulders take a beating over the years whether you’re an elite Volleyball Player or Construction Worker. This is why a shoulder injury, shoulder popping, or shoulder clicking are so common. Pops and clicks can just be noises or a cause for concern.

The Shoulder

This joint is a ball-and-socket design that gives a great range of motion. The socket is shaped like a golf tee, where it is flat on top, and this can make the upper arm bone slip out of it easily. Thus why the shoulder joint gets dislocated more than any other joint.

Popping and Clicking

Having sounds come from your shoulders is common and normal, if they are painless. But if you are having shoulder pain accompanied by sounds that is an indicator something might be wrong. Think back and try to remember if there was an incident where you could have sustained a shoulder injury. It could be from lifting weights or playing catch. Even if it was not a significant injury, your shoulder could be aggravated from repeated stress to it, even if it is every day wear and tear.

Shoulder Injuries that cause popping or clicking:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears: this shoulder injury often occurs from sports or activities that involve a lot of lifting your hands over your head. This can include swimming, weight lifting, tennis, or baseball. Pain is the most common symptom when you try to raise your arm. And that is when you will hear a click or popping sound.
  • SLAP Tear: SLAP stands for Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior. This is an injury to the labrum of the shoulder, the ring of cartilage that surrounds the socket of the shoulder joint. Trauma or repetitive shoulder motion cause this injury. The main symptom is a sensation of locking, popping, catching, or grinding.
  • Instability: this can mean your shoulder is completely dislocated or it is slipping in and out of place. If it is slipping partway out of the socket, this is called subluxation. Mix this with a popping or clicking noise, then you have a medical problem. You will feel intense pain, bruising, swelling, and weakness.


  • Rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories is how most physicians will begin your treatment plan. Some might recommend that you to buy a sling and wear it for a couple weeks until your shoulder injury starts to heal.
  • Physical Therapy is not uncommon for shoulder injuries. This will help strengthen the four muscles in the rotator cuff and give you back full range of motion.
  • A cortisol shot or oral steroids could be prescribed depending on the severity of your shoulder injury.
  • If surgery is required, it is possible you have a complete rotator cuff tear or to repair a SLAP tear.


Don’t always assume popping or clicking means there is something wrong. But don’t ignore it if you are experiencing pain. If you think you sustained a shoulder injury and it is not healing properly contact an Orthopedic Physician at IMS Orthopedics to get a full examination.