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Tips to Avoid Orthopedic Injuries in Playing Table Tennis

There are people who may not regard table tennis as a serious sport, but the serious fans would tell you how much this game means to them and the possible dangers that one may encounter while playing this game. Orthopedic injury has always been the most common dangers that this players often encounter.

Tips to Avoid Orthopedic Injuries in Playing Table Tennis:
1. Do some warm-up exercise before the game
You need to take approximately 5 to 15 minutes engaging in active warm-up exercise activities. This will ensure you increase the rate at which your heart beats to supply adequate oxygen to your entire body. With the smooth flow of blood in your body, the muscles will remain warmer and strong in readiness for the game ahead. It can also help become more flexible especially when you need to reach the ball at the upper end of the table. You can conclude this exercise by stretching and warming up.

2. Keep the table tennis equipment safe
You may be having so many balls but if you choose to scatter them around the area, then there are chances that you will step on them and fall down. In the process, you will acquire orthopedic injuries. You must also set the breaks of the roller tables. Bracing struts must also be put in order so you will not have to lean on them and fall.

3. Observe your diet
You need to be strong all the time, despite doing the exercises, you will need a good diet that can ensure you have strong muscles and bones. Foods rich in calcium will be of good help to your life. They will make you strong and allow you to play table tennis injury-free. Yogurt, milk, spinach, salmon, tuna, and oranges will actually help you to develop stronger bones and muscles.

4. Watch your position
There is often a time when you may play double. There are high chances that if you are not keen enough, then you will knock your partner’s face without you even noticing. There are also drilling time where multiple balls can be used if you will be the one picking the fallen once then you must also be very careful to avoid leaving the game with a swollen face.

5. Do it over and over again
The more you are used to something, the more you will learn the tricks on how to go about it. This to apply to table tennis, just by being able to play on some frequency let say on a daily basis, you will find it simple to enjoy the game and stay away from the orthopedic injuries this is because your muscles shall have been used to the movements around the playing court.

6. Avoid bringing water into the court
How flexible can you be on one foot struggling to reach the ball? Perhaps let’s say the probability is 02, you may need water for drinking and doing other staffs, but the biggest mistakes plays do is getting into the court with water. The water may spill in down and make you slide as you reach to the ball. Within a twinkle of an eye, you will find yourself on the ground groaning in pain. So avoid the injuries while you still can.

7. If you do not well avoid the game 
You cannot tend to resist the reflex actions in your body. If something seems not to be right, please it’s important that you avoid the game because the pain can overpower you and in the process, you may lose concentration. The outcome of this will be a terrible orthopedic injury.