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About IMS

We Never Settle For Being The Best, We Always Strive To Be Better.

About Our Founder - Tyrone F. Davis

Tyrone F. Davis is a consultant in trauma and orthopedics. He uses both surgical and non-surgical treatments to offer relief to his patients. He is known for his passion for perfection and a desire to aim for excellent patient outcomes.

Moreover, Tyrone Davis loves his job and innovation is at the center of his work. He incorporates new technology and practices to ensure patients don’t suffer pain but recover quickly and completely.

Davis continues to work with other people in the medical field to innovate products that can support his practice. He’s also a regular speaker at international conferences and university events, where he lectures on everything about orthopedics.

He creates awareness about orthopedics at these events. It’s his passion for orthopedics that inspired him to begin IMS Orthopedics. 

Mission and Vision


The mission of IMS Orthopedics is to inform and empower our readers with the latest information on orthopedics. The information and knowledge gained help them to make wise decisions regarding their health.


Our aim is to become a leading online resource for information about orthopedics to impact millions of lives worldwide.